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For more than 110 years, customers have been able to put their trust in HERMA's quality factor "Made in Germany". We will continue to stick with this location in the future.



Our production takes place in one of the most advanced plants worldwide. Thanks to multi-layer coating technology, we are able to simultaneously apply different adhesive layers.



A family-owned business for more than 110 years, we set great store by sustainable customer relations.


Service orientation

Our customers appreciate the personalized service that provides long-term support for their day-to-day work.


44 tons of steel saved

• After use, HERMA reconditions and reuses Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) instead of disposing of them.

• This is made possible by a comprehensive return service offered by container...


Easy entry to digital printing

• Mark Andy, a leading manufacturer of printing and finishing equipment, has used standard self-adhesive materials from HERMA at several industry events.

• These events showcased the hybrid...


For very small runs of economic colour labels

• Epson has recently performed extensive tests with the ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G, two water-based inkjet colour label printers. (www.epson.eu/testedforColorWorks)

• Standard...


New area sales manager joins international sales team

• Ralf Ottilie has joined HERMA’s Self-adhesive Materials Division in early 2018, taking over responsibility for the sales areas UK, Middle East, and parts of Eastern Europe.

• He brings...


New production facility for self-adhesive materials

• The new coating plant, which is now taking shape, presents special challenges for civil engineers and building technology.

• The outer structure is scheduled to be finished in autumn...


Perfect opacity with maximum migration safety

•The polypropylene film HERMA PP white extra tc (grade 880) is now available combined with the HERMAperfectOpaque adhesive as a standard product.

•It is ideally suited for high-quality...


In love with HERMA material - A touching love story, both compelling and full of humor

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