Product innovations


HERMAperfectStick 62Dps

Green light for direct contact with foodstuffs

The 62Dps adhesive has been tested and approved for direct contact with foodstuffs by the ISEGA, an independent international testing institute. The adhesive layer can make direct contact with dry, moist, and fatty foods.


HERMAperfectTack 62Gpt

Our standard specialist for low temperatures and moist surfaces.


The 62Gpt adhesive features improved initial adhesion (tack), especially at low temperatures and in moist environments. It is especially suited for the blow-on process whereby labels are attached to cool or moist substrates contactlessly by air.


HERMAperfectCut 62Xpc

This film adhesive makes wishes come true!


The film adhesive 62Xpc not only improves the processing properties of self-adhesive films, it also provides better adhesion. Once applied, the adhesive is resistant to moisture, soap, and oil. This makes it especially suitable for labelling body care products and cosmetics.


HERMAperfectCut 62Dpc

Perfect for laser printers!


The 62Dpc adhesive represents another important innovation. The adhesive will not bleed out at the die-cut edges because of the use of a new specially developed second adhesive layer. Adhesion is unaffected. This makes it perfect for laser printers.





HERMAperfectCut 65Tpc

The problem solver for difficult surfaces!

Plasticizer-free emulsion adhesive manufactured by means of multi-layer technology, with perfect die-cutting properties. Thanks to high cohesion, the adhesive will not bleed out. Adhesive-free zones and edges are not required to prevent bleeding. This ensures better productivity, since production downtimes are considerably reduced.


HERMAsuperPerm 63S

The adhesive 63S was specially developed for extremely high final adhesion on all kinds of substrates.

Thanks to its high final adhesion, the 63S is particularly suited for use in long-term labelling, labelling of difficult substrates, and highly non-polar surfaces. This new adhesive ensures equally high final adhesion on various substrates such as PE, PET, aluminium, steel etc. Combined with suitable label materials or security cuts, it can therefore be used as a tamper-evident solution or tamper-proof seal.




HERMAsuperTack 63Vst

A world premiere in the field of low-migration adhesives:

HERMA introduces a completely resin-free adhesive for labels that require extremely strong initial tack. Since migration is mainly determined by the adhesive’s resin content, the new HERMAsuperTack (63Vst) offers especially low migration levels. It features correction factor 2 and therefore has approval for dry, moist, and fatty foods. The 63Vst is therefore ideally suited for labels that are applied to whole sausages or raw ham without a film wrap featuring a barrier layer.


HERMAperfectStick 63Mps

The adhesive HERMAperfectStick (63Mps) was developed specifically for such applications.

When used with thin label materials, it is especially well suited for diameters less than 15 mm and adheres strongly to non-polar surfaces (which have very low surface tension).
HERMAperfectStick (63Mps) is easy to process and dispense. It retains its high adhesion even at low temperatures.The critical factor is perfect interplay between the adhesive and the label material.



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