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HERMA Self-adhesive material - Made in Germany



For more than 110 years, customers have been able to put their trust in HERMA's quality factor "Made in Germany". We will continue to stick with this location in the future.


What makes us stand out:



Located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Germany, we produce self-adhesive materials on one of the world's most advanced plants. HERMA is one of the pioneers of the field.

Using the new multi-layer coating technology, we are able to simultaneously apply different adhesive layers. This results in a wide range of paper- and film-based label stock, used by our customers worldwide to manufacture labels for many different applications.

Virtually all processes including the shipping of finished rolls of self-adhesive materials are fully automated. This contributes to optimal product quality and excellent availability for our customers.

We use our own laboratory to monitor, test, and develop. Our customers appreciate the individual service that provides them with long-term support in their day-to-day work. We are not only concerned with strategic goals, but care equally about values that guide each of our staff members, forming HERMA's company culture.

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