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Your Self-adhesive material for the food industry

„You eat with your eyes“ – this is true not only for food, but also for packaging and labels. But appearance is only one factor in labelling. Food labels are applied under extremely difficult conditions. Legal requirements must be considered as well. In particular, it must be ensured that the adhesive and label material do not migrate into the food.

Technical Conditions:

  • High tack
  • Insensitive to moist and cold surfaces
  • Suitable for pasteurisation
  • Suitable for deep-freeze labels
  • No-label look
  • Non-contact labelling
  • Good perforation qualities
  • Oil- and grease-repellent

Legal Conditions:

  • BfR and FDA certification
  • ISEGA certification for contact with foodstuffs with fatty surfaces
  • REACH conformity


The Solution:

Thanks to HERMA’s new multi-layer coating technology, its adhesives fully meet the requirements in both areas. The middle layer provides much higher tack while helping to minimise migration.

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