HERMAinkjet range

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HERMAinkjet range

These materials enable label printers to create small batches of labels on very cost-efficient inkjet printers with water-based ink. Our film even enables seawater-proof printing (according to BS5609, section II and III).


HERMAinkprint matt



White inkjet paper with a special matt surface coat for water-based inkjet printing

HERMAinkprint gloss



White inkjet paper with a special glossy coat

HERMA PP Inkjet matt


58 (85 μm)

White, matt polypropylene film with special surface treatment for waterbased inkjet printing

  • Perfect printing results Ideal for fine line and grid patterns



Uncoated papers have an open-pored surface, and can thus absorb ink very well. Therefore, water-based dye-inks (Memjet) can be used for good printing results.

Ungestrichene Ppaiere

HERMAweiß (601)

White, machine-finished label paper, PEFC certified

HERMAlaser sheet (135)

White label paper with special characteristics for excellent printability, PEFC certified

  • Good printing results
  • Cost-efficient
  • Net service

HERMAinkjet Flyer

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