Optimal storage and climate conditions

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The compliance with specific criteria for storage conditions of self-adhesive material is important to guarantee a high product quality even after delivery. In addition, paper is sensitive to humidity. It reacts to differences between its own moisture content and the ambient moisture by changing its dimensions.

HERMA self-adhesive materials are ideally stored in their original packaging in a dark and dry place at a temperature of 20 - 25 °C and at a relative humidity of 45 ± 5%.  If the storage conditions and the conditions at the place of converting are different, the material should have enough time for acclimatisation. Otherwise this might lead to converting problems.

Generally, the material should be unpacked just before converting. Film label stock should not be stored under direct sunlight or heat, as otherwise this might lead to brittleness. HERMA self-adhesive materials should be converted systematically based on the principle "first in, first out". Moreover, the shelf life must be taken into account.

Storage Conditions

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